Create your construction O&Ms and H&S handover documents quickly and easily

Complete tasks in minutes instead of hours and improve efficiency with Dokkit: a clever tool that helps you create professional-looking health and safety compliant operation and maintenance manuals, as well as user guides, technical submittals and more using your desktop, mobile or tablet.

Stay organised, save time, money, and strengthen customer partnerships by making Dokkit part of your O&M and handover strategy today.

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Digital O&Ms Dokkit
Digital O&Ms DokkitDigital O&Ms DokkitDigital O&Ms DokkitDigital O&Ms Dokkit

Six reasons to try Dokkit today

Digital O&Ms Dokkit
1. Hooray - no more lost files

Your customers have deadlines to meet too. Do you want to make them wait while you search for missing files?

Dokkit keeps your documents together from start-to-finish – so you can stay organised (and keep your customers happy too).

Oh, and you can access your files whenever and wherever you want.

Digital O&Ms Dokkit
2. Turn hours into minutes

We’re guessing here, but pulling together documents for an O&M manual probably isn’t your idea of fun.

Wouldn’t you rather reduce that process to minutes – so you can devote time to more pressing matters (like winning new business?)

Not a technical expert? No problem. Dokkit couldn’t be easier to use.

Digital O&Ms Dokkit
3. No user manual needed

Using Dokkit is easy. Literally, anyone in your business can use it – whether they’re a computer whizz or not.

Just think, you won’t need to spend time training team members to use our software. Instead, they’ll be able to hit the ground running.

But if you do need some help, we have a help area to guide you.

Digital O&Ms Dokkit
4. No delay - start straight away

Download your O&M manual template and update it and it’ll be ready to use – putting you in control from the get-go.

Our fully editable templates come in a range of industry types – empowering you to create anything from client manuals through to user guides.

Our emphasis is on making things as simple as possible. Not just for you, but your customers too.

Digital O&Ms Dokkit
5. No last minute scramble

If your client needs their O&M today you can now say, no problem.

From day one of the project start getting your team into the habit of adding information into Dokkit so that when it comes to handover the process is just a click of a button.

Dokkit makes collaboration easy right from the start of the project through to the end.

Digital O&Ms Dokkit
6. No charge for extra users

Some of our competitors’ charge per user (we won’t mention any names)

These costs might seem low at first glance but can stack up when multiplied by the number of users over the course of a year.

Dokkit does things differently. We charge one flat fee for as many users as you need and there are no hidden extras.

Dokkit in action

Digital O&Ms Dokkit
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Digital O&Ms DokkitDigital O&Ms Dokkit

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Start a project, update information and create and send your handover manuals straight from your tablet or phone when you're on the move

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Dokkit provides businesses in the construction sector with a cloud-based, digital O&M manual template system. Fast, easy and affordable.

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