About us

Hands up if you love creating O&M’s? That’s what I thought. Not many takers. Which is why I wanted to simplify the laborious (and, frankly, tedious) process that seemed to come as part-and-parcel of documentation creation in the construction industry. 

Our response to the problem was Dokkit: a smart, flexible, and easy-to-use software package that would make life easier for businesses in these sectors by (i) reducing their error rates; (ii) improving their efficiency. The result? A faster, simpler, and much better way to create Operations & Maintenance Manuals.

A short introduction to us 

Or rather, ‘we.’ The business couldn’t succeed without my team of experts – who work tirelessly behind the scenes to take our technology to new heights and delight our many happy customers.

We hail from a range of backgrounds, including FinTech, Digital Agencies, and SaaS, and have successfully combined our skill sets to create a fresh industry perspective that’s transforming how construction companies create O&M documentation.

Since Covid the team have adapted to a mostly remote office, meeting up when necessary at the numerous cafes and coffee houses in Brighton although we do maintain a base on the Old Steine we have a much more fluid working environment now that benefits everyone. 

“Revolutionising how O&M's are created is important to us. But the Dokkit mission is much broader than that. We want to keep on pushing the boundaries of what our software can do - so our customers can rise to the ever-changing challenges of a constantly evolving market.”

It's about more than just technology

At Dokkit, we understand how important it is to provide great service. Because people buy from people – not brands. Which is why we go the extra mile for our customers, acting and thinking like partners in their businesses instead of their service provider. 

We’ll be there from beginning to middle to end and beyond to ensure you get maximum value from Dokkit and are 100% happy with your outcome. Oh, and we love receiving feedback too. Not just the good stuff. But the hard-to-hear stuff too. Because that’s the only way we’ll ever improve.

We promise to...

Create documentation solutions that solve real-world problems and never add value for the sake of it

Make working with us fun, exciting, and rewarding- so our customers keep coming back

Listen to feedback, never take it personally, and use it to make Dokkit even better

Contact us now by booking an appointment in our diary. Alternatively, why not request a free demo – so you can experience the benefits of Dokkit first-hand.

Dokkit provides businesses in the construction sector with a cloud-based, digital O&M manual template system. Fast, easy and affordable.